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A Place To Belong



The Well is a place to be known. We value each person and want to know you by name. It is a place to have fun and form friendships; to enjoy good coffee and good conversation about things that matter. It's a place to pursue answers to our questions and meaning for our lives; to consider who we are and who we're called to be.

We meet on alternating Fridays at 6:30 pm*

Upcoming Meetings:

March 3 (Location TBD)
March 17 (@ Critchlows: 4435
Laurel Dr, West Richland)
March 31 (@ Critchlows: 4435 Laurel Dr, West Richland)

*With occasional changes in time, venue, or activity--
check the calendar and/or the events page.


  • Let’s build a community where each person is known and valued

  • Let’s explore who we are and why we're here

  • Let’s discern the stories that shape us and seek a story that gives us purpose and hope

  • Let’s pursue right-relatedness with God, others, our culture, and ourselves

  • Let’s discover what a life of faith and fullness can be

  • Let's wrestle with tough (and sometimes scary) questions

  • Let’s navigate the unique decisions and opportunities of young adult life

The Well is a collaborative effort in partnership with
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If you want to partner with us, please send us a message

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